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Carden, Art and Harvey S. James, Jr. Forthcoming. Time Under Autocratic Rule and Economic Growth. Contemporary Economic Policy.

Carden, Art and Robert A. Lawson. 2010. 
Human Rights and Economic LiberalizationBusiness and Politics12(2):Article 2.

Carden, Art and Lisa Verdon. 2010. 
When is Corruption a Substitute for Economic Freedom? Law and Development Review3(1):41-64.

Carden, Art.  2009. 
Profit and Production.  Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 12(2):13-26.

Carden, Art.  2009. 
Can't Buy Me Growth:  On Foreign Aid and Economic Change
Journal of Private Enterprise 25(1):105-123.

Carden, Art.  2009. 
Shock and Awe: Institutional Change, Neoliberalism, and Disaster Capitalism. Journal of Lutheran Ethics 9(6, online). (Review Article)

Carden Art.  2009. 
Inputs and Institutions as Conservative ElementsReview of Austrian Economics 22(1):1-19.  (Gated Link, also in HTML)

Carden, Art.  2008.  Commerce and Culture in the Global Economy.  Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies 20:21-36. (No electronic version available).

Carden, Art.  2007. 
Christian Ethics, Formal Institutions, and Economic GrowthAmerican Review of Political Economy 5(1):34-53.

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