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I pursue a multi-pronged research agenda in which I study the economic history of the American South, economic development more generally, and all things related to Walmart.  Here are a few papers that are online; most of my papers are also available on my SSRN page.

Courtemanche, Charles and Art Carden. 2014. Competing with Costco and Sam’s Club: Warehouse Club Entry and Grocery Prices. Southern Economic Journal 80(3):565-585.

Carden, Art and Christopher J. Coyne. 2013. The Political Economy of the Reconstruction-Era Race Riots. Public Choice 157:57-71.

Courtemanche, Charles and Art Carden.  2011.  Supersizing Supercenters?  The impact of Walmart Supercenters on body mass index and obesity Journal of Urban Economics 69(2):165-181.

Carden, Art. 2013. Economic Calculation in the Environmentalist Commonwealth. Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 16(1):27-44.

Carden, Art and Harvey S. James, Jr. 2013. Time Under Autocratic Rule and Economic Growth. Contemporary Economic Policy 31(1):44-61.

Butgereit, Brent and Art Carden. 2011. Capitalism, Socialism, and Calculation. Economic Affairs 31(3):41-45.

Carden, Art and Robert A. Lawson. 2010. Human Rights and Economic Liberalization. Business and Politics 12(2):Article 2.

Carden, Art and Lisa Verdon. 2010. When is Corruption a Substitute for Economic Freedom? Law and Development Review 3(1):41-64.

Carden, Art and Charles Courtemanche.  2009. 
Walmart, Leisure, and Culture. Contemporary Economic Policy 27(4):450-461.

Carden, Art, Charles Courtemanche, and Jeremy Meiners.  2009. 
Painting the Town Red?  Wal-Mart and ValuesBusiness and Politics 11(2):Article 5.

Carden, Art, Charles Courtemanche, and Jeremy Meiners.  2009. 
Does Wal-Mart Reduce Social Capital? Public Choice 138:109-136.

Carden, Art.  2009. 
Can't Buy Me Growth:  On Foreign Aid and Economic Change Journal of Private Enterprise 25(1):105-123.

Carden, Art.  2009. 
Shock and Awe: Institutional Change, Neoliberalism, and Disaster CapitalismJournal of Lutheran Ethics 9(6, online). (Review Article)

Carden Art.  2009. 
Inputs and Institutions as Conservative ElementsReview of Austrian Economics 22(1):1-19.  (Gated Link, also in HTML)

Carden, Art.  2007. 
Christian Ethics, Formal Institutions, and Economic GrowthAmerican Review of Political Economy 5(1):34-53.

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