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Selected Articles

Natural Disasters Still Aren't Good for the Economy
(, May 8, 2014)

It's Time for Governments to Get Over the Edifice Complex

(, January 29, 2014)

Finding Mister or Miss Right: Easier than Finding Aliens?
(, December 31, 2013)

Does the Surveillance and Security State Make Us Safer?
(, October 8, 2013)

What You Don't Know About Immigration Can Hurt You
(, September 6, 3013)

Dear TSA: I am not your customer

(The Washington Examiner, June 16, 2012)

Entrepreneurs Serve the Public Better than Politicians
(The Washington Examiner, April 12, 2012)

NPR and PBS aren't free lunches for the poor
(The Christian Science Monitor, February 18, 2012) 

A Case Against the Case Against Wal-Mart
(The Washington Examiner, September 1, 2011)

Selected Lectures and Media

Should the Government Subsidize Silly Walks?
(LearnLiberty, July 2, 2014)

Specialization and Trade: Because We Can't be
Good at Everything

(LearnLiberty, July 9, 2013)

Existentialist School of Economics
(LearnLiberty, April 1, 2013)

The Bourgeois Era: Why Some People are Rich
While Others are Poor

(OrdemLivre, March 27, 2013)

The John Stossel Show
(Fox Business, November 1, 2012)

The John Stossel Show
(Fox Business, July 26, 2012) 

On the Record with Art Carden
(Birmingham News, July 15, 2012)  

Freedom Watch
(Fox Business, April 18, 2012) 

Fiscal Fitness
(The Blaze TV, March 14, 2012) 

Regulating Sugar
(OnPoint - NPR Boston, March 1, 2012) 

The Story of Broke Response
(LearnLiberty, January 13, 2012) 

Waltonomics: Wal-Mart and Society
(MTSU, November 28, 2011) 

Haiku: The Laws of Supply and Demand
(LearnLiberty, March 31, 2011)

Common Objections to Capitalism

(Copenhagen Business School, April 24, 2010)

Waltonomics: Walmart and Society

(St. Lawrence University, February 25, 2010)

Common Objections to Capitalism, Part II 
(Radio Free Market, January 9, 2010) 

Common Objections to Capitalism, Part I 
(Radio Free Market, December 5, 2009) 

Production and the Firm
(Ludwig von Mises Institute, July 28, 2009)


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